About Nome

Set in the Last Frontier, Nome makes its mark on the map on the southern side of the Seward Peninsula. It is approximately 102 miles south of the Arctic Circle and 539 air miles from Anchorage. Nome's history is the stuff of legends. Gold was discovered in the late 19th century leading to the first big Gold Rush and the tradition continues today. Featured on TV Hit series; "Bering Sea Gold" and "Bering Sea Gold- Under the Ice" the modern day Gold Rush is on and thriving.

Nome's legendary history is intertwined with local Inupiaq Eskimo Culture indigenous to the region. Surrounded by 15 Eskimo villages, Nome is the Commerce Hub serving these communities. Rooted in a tradition of a subsistence lifestyle, the culture manifests itself through Eskimo dancing, music, ivory carving, skin sewing, beading and much more. Spread out over 22,000 square miles, each village has its own unique personality and are accessible by small plane. The Traditional Eskimo values of yesteryear can be seen in the people of today.

With over 350 miles of roads that are open from mid May till the end of October, Nome is one of the few places you can view animals in the wild from your vehicle and not be in a park. Herds of Musk Ox & Reindeer, Alaskan Brown Bears, Foxes, Wolverines and the ever elusive Wolf are not uncommon sightings. Spawning Salmon run up the rivers and streams, lending to World Class fishing. Birding is excellent as well with over 200 species of migratory birds passing through in spring and fall. The surrounding countryside is spectacular Tundra which blooms in June and displays magnificent fall colors in September and October.

Nome is host to the Iditarod- touted as the world's toughest, longest sled dog race. Every March the city prepares for the influx of approximately 1000 people whom watch the finish of the Iditarod and celebrate with the victorious. With Iditarod, there are numerous events around town to participate in and the opportunity to meet and greet some of the most famous and notorious names in the dog mushing business. This is an event not to be missed and makes many an individual's bucket list.